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Monetize your network, and become an affiliate for Ape In.  The fastest growing poker and web3 brand!!  

We have just launched our Affiliate Program and thought you would be a great fit!

We offer our affiliates 35% commission that reaches 3 levels deep.

The commission percentage is based on the player bets of your referrals on, for life. 

A little bit about Ape In Poker…

We are an online casino and sportsbook licensed in Costa Rica with over 5 years of operation under our belt. With revolutionary technology we have integrated the option to bet and gamble with multiple currencies, including crypto!

As any real world casino we offer our community a Player Card in NFT form! Utility for our players comes in two forms. Rake Back and Stake to Earn House Tokens.

We use a contributed rakeback commission model. To shed some light on how our affiliates benefit from our program here’s an example of how payout could look like:

You refer 20 people to our site who have an average of $10 an hour rake for 10 hours per week, they each invite 10 people, and those people each invite another 10 people each (keep in mind that these people under you will also have to enroll in our affiliate program to count players 2 and 3):

Level 1: 20 people x 10 hours x $10 an hour rake per player = $2,000 x 20% commission = Average of $400 per week.

Level 2: 200 people x 10 hours x $10 an hour rake per player = $20,000 x 10% commission = Average of $2,000 per week.

Level 3: 2,000 people x 10 hours x $10 an hour rake per player = $200,000 x 5% commission = Average of $10,000 per week.

Grand total: $12,400 per week

Commissions are paid out monthly via your Ape In Poker account. With our cashier you will be able to cash out your preferred cryptocurrency to your crypto wallet.

Definitely a rewarding program to express our gratitude to our affiliates!!

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